by Crooked Saints

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Steven De Ruiter: vocals, guitar, percussion, organ
Anne La Grand: cello vocals
Andrew Zwart: bass, horn, vocals
Christopher Nienhuis: drums, vocals
David Salverda: Guitar, bass, vocals
Patrick Schaafsma: violin, vocals

Songs by Steven De Ruiter
Arrangements by Crooked Saints
Epilogue arr. La Grand, Schaafsma, Salverda
All Songs Copyright 2010, Spot of Tea Music

Engineered by David Salverda, Steven De Ruiter,
Michael Van Houten and Christopher Smit.

Cover by Douglas Titus
Band Photos by Eric Arnoys

With thanks to Katie Nienhuis, Michael Van Houten, Chris Smit, The New Midwest, Tara De Ruiter, Brittany Salverda, Jane Zwart, Eric Arnoys, Beatrice La Grand Arnoys, Ken Heffner, Mark VanderBoom, Douglas Titus, Heather Van Dyke, and Saints of the past. Godspeed.

*be patient with silence


released January 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Crooked Saints Grand Rapids

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Track Name: I am the Lion's Lamb
You've been sifting through the mire
Of the first fruits of my mind
Every dark desire...everything that makes me want to die
I just need some room to breathe
'cause I don't know where to go now
Maybe I'll follow Your lead
'cause I've been hearing for some time now
That by the holes in your hands
I'm the Lion's lamb
But that damned devil always creeps up
Every time catching me off guard
Knows just how to mess my steps up
'Til I'm face down in the yard
And it's no secret I need rescue
Nor that my will is weak
I'm like some never ending nightmare
Naked in the streets full of disease
Never sang no hallelujah chorus
Don’t even know how it would go
Can't understand why You bother
As I sit in these sinner's clothes
But I'm so very very tired
And if you're telling me
That I'm just one step away from Freedom
Well then I'm crawling on my knees
Track Name: Suicide Pond
Meet me by the pond
(the one where I tried to kill myself)
I saw the devil and the Lord
Waging a war for my soul
I can show you things
That you did not think were real
You ask me if Jesus really cares.
He would fight, 'til His hands bleed again
I am just a sinner
(I never did no right)
But one thing that is for certain:
The devil's no match for the Light
Track Name: Dark Charade
Dark Charade
Calibratin’ for disaster, Calibratin for a fall
What about the Root of Jesse up against your creep and crawl?
I have felt the kiss of heaven. Been bit by the fangs of hell
I’ve held what you’re searching after. I have walked among the shells
Why must we keep living in the dark charade?
Death aint worth the burning fire since
The price been paid
We can find our rest in glory
I will take you by the hand
We gon’ kiss the feet of Jesus
We will revel in the Lamb
If you want love the banner’s love!
If you want peace the flag is waved!
If you want hope well children there just aint no hope
Without the Savior’s blood coursing through your veins
Track Name: Banner Song
In the darkest winter, honey
When the snow runs from knees
Bloody with your prayers.
His eyes warm like a fire.
His arms never tire.
And love is all around.
Like a mother peppers kisses,
He’s a father never misses anything you need.
The gorgeous feet upon the mountain
Sound the trumpet of your freedom
From death…the brutal death.
Raise the banner! Sound the Anthem!
We will all sing Alleluia.
Through the fear! Through the fury!
We will all sing Alleluia.
He settled on a price
To unlock these chains for life
For life.
He ripped into the veil. He freed us all from jail.
Sweet Jesus blood the bail.
Evil warden’s plan doth fail.
All the life you can grab is there for the grabbing.
The dastardly death march stalls.
The world will hear the call.
In the throne room we gather all.
Before the Lord we fall.
Track Name: The Heist
In the cold dark night. Soaking in the bleak and blight
Head is filled with madness and lo the blow below
Begins to rage.
Oh the beautiful lie! Seductress with an evil eye.
If I taste your lips just once tonight, the Light I fright
Just might turn on His heels
I’ve been promising the Lord again
I won’t go sleeping with the wolves again
But every single thing that does me in
Is calling on my animal tonight
Shot down like a target colored brightly
Forgo escape routes the Advocate gives nightly
Smitten kitten in a self-sought sin scheme
The skin begins its singe (who’s at the door?)
When the hinges start to creak
And the darkness starts to quake
In a ransack of the devil’s little whorehouse
The Heist of Christ ignites the dirty soul
Track Name: Belly
Study close my dear beloved
For the word come down the mountain
Gathers the moss upon which we should feed
I've been drinking Blood since morning
I've been feasting Flesh with the Family
Oh the Ghost is wont to cure the soul
Get your medicine now, He's gonna call the roll.
Through the Covenant and Chaos
There is One who dares to guard us
Fasten your lips upon the Breast and see.
Time to put your eyes on children
I've got something that clears vision
The glory of God is the human fully alive
My brothers and sisters it's time for us to thrive
Come on thrive
Alright, you got my attention
(on a Sunday morning)
Alright you got my attention
(that Friday was a killer)
And I'm running as fast as I can
But there aint no stench coming from that grave!
Track Name: I Am: Yer Life
Yeah I saw you right from the start
I knew then I would get your heart
Aint no way that you can resist my love
Now you’re gonna get some
I Am love you once called laughable
I Am faith you thought impossible
I Am Grace I Am unstoppable
Now you’re gonna get some
Darlin’ I will open up your eyes
Oh and I Am the light
I will seep into your bones tonight
Oh and I Am: yer life
Nothing you will do can shake me
I Am here it’s time, take me
I have rooms and rooms for the set free
Now you’re gonna get one
I Am Father
I Am Son
I Am Ghost (winged as a dove)
I’m the water I’m the blood
Now you’re gonna get some
Track Name: Finding Station
When his feet were drenched in perfume
And toweled up in long brown long brown locks
The universe was groaning inward
And pregnant with desire for the eschaton
Me, I think I’ll stand to wait…
The road is more hazardous than I bargained
Let my bones grow holy…
Mark me with the Sacrifice
All I need is to find my station, call the Spirit to mend my will
All it takes is one drop of Crimson and I’m crawling up that hill
If I let the wolves lick my wounds
Will I roam nights howling at moons?
Take me from this witching hour…
Drench me in baptismal waters…
When the sky cracks and all is made new
I want to dump my own bottle on the feet That bled for me
I don’t want to be another messenger of death I just want
(and yes) A little bit of rest
I got this fever burning up the goodness in my gut
I am just a man of many sins walking through the mud…